Scorecard - the tool for your purchasing negotiations

With the scorecard Add-on, you give your suppliers a compact overview of the data quality of the product data supplied. Thanks to a compact and comprehensible presentation, the supplier can easily understand deficits and communicate potential for improvement to his own organization.

How does the Scorecard work?

Each supplier is evaluated uniformly on the basis of previously defined criteria. Each supplier receives individual registrations to improve the score. An overall ranking enables the comparability of the own suppliers.


Data quality score

Through a simple metric, your supplier can assess the quality of their product data delivery.

Flexible definitions

Whether it is data content, multimedia content, documents or classifications, all data requirements can be incorporated into the score via an algorithm.

Transparency for the purchasing department

The ranking and the scorecard show each buyer which suppliers need to be approached about the quality of their product data.

Adavantages of the scorecard

Comprehensible score

A single metric creates a clear message about product data quality.

Clear recommendations for action

Clear recommendations on the scorecard allow the vendor to communicate the suggestions to their internal organization.

Score history

Display of the score over time.

Statistical information

Definable statistical information, such as number of data delivered, image mapping, last data delivery, data format delivered, and hundreds of other metrics allow you to customize your scorecard.


Get a compact overview of the data quality of your suppliers via a manufacturer ranking, also differentiated by product range.

Score algorithm

Define the score algorithm from hundreds of available metrics according to your needs.


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Wholesale libraries of the Open Datacheck platform

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Centralised access to all marketing and sales documents with the wholesale libraries.

As a wholesaler, you are faced with the challenge of obtaining all the necessary marketing and sales documents, such as product catalogues and flyers, from your affiliated manufacturers and making them available to your customers. The decentralised processing and distribution of the current documents causes considerable additional work for the manufacturers. The result is a loss of quality and limited up-to-dateness of the documents.

For example, you request a product catalogue from a manufacturer with the help of personnel and effort. The manufacturer needs time to send you the product catalogue. Once you have received the document, however, you have to keep checking with the manufacturer to see if the product catalogue is still up to date before you can forward it to your customers.

With the help of the wholesale libraries of the Open Datacheck platform, you as a wholesaler can access the latest marketing and sales documents of all connected manufacturers with whom you have a relationship on demand at any time. Manufacturers not only provide a standardised data quality of product master data, but also all marketing and sales documents on Open Datacheck. Everything runs centrally via the industry platform. 


Overview of the wholesale libraries:

  • You can use the libraries to access on demand all marketing and sales documents, such as product catalogues, price lists and flyers.

  • The libraries can be integrated into your online shop, website and internal systems.

  • The integration allows your customers to access all relevant marketing and sales documents at any time.

You can find more information here: Bibliotheken Widget

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