XS Multi Tree

With a large number of products and variants, product search and navigation in Online-Shops is time-consuming. To simplify navigation and search processes for customers as well as internal employees, we have developed the XS Multi Tree. With the XS Multi Tree you can display complex relationships and structuring between different products or components in a clear hierarchical structure.

For example, a product tree could look like this: There is a main category of washbasins, followed by different variants such as wall-mounted washbasins or double washbasins. There are no limits to the subcategories, so the user can improve his result by filtering. Multiple selections in categories are possible and also give the possibility to compare different products. Each product in XS Multi Tree has different attributes like color, size, material etc. which are used as filters to make the search easier.

Whether in your Online-Shop, in a Business Intelligence Tool or for price lists - the application area of the XS Multi Tree is manifold. Create different product trees customized to your individual requirements and needs, such as different target groups, product types and dependencies.

How does the XS Multi Tree work?

Use Cases

These are the most common use cases, nevertheless you can use the XS Multi Tree in countless different individual ways.

Online - Shops

In Online-Shops search and filter mechanisms make it easier for customers to find products and navigate.

Price lists

Hierarchical representation of products and their prices to show corporate pricing structures and to define and analyze pricing strategies.

Spare part portal

Map management and access to spare parts for different products via the product tree in an additional portal.


Structuring and organization of complex calculations through a hierarchical representation of products and components or elements.

BI analysis

Representation and analysis of organizational structures and hierarchies of product data in a Business Intelligence (BI) tool - e.g. product performance analyses

Purchasing cooperations

Purchasing cooperations can use product trees to standardize the various product catalogs from their partners, improve product comparability, and perform joint calculations and cost optimization.

Advantages XS Multi Tree

Unlimited number of configurable product trees

You can configure unlimited number of individual product trees. There are no limitations.

Fast integration

Easy integration of the module into an existing XS platform.

Compatible with ETIM classes

Within the individual rules all data of the search incl. filters can be used, like ETIM classes, characteristics and values.

Representation of individual logics / rules

The assignment of articles and the display of product trees is based on rules and logics that you can define individually.

Simple configuration

The article data of the product trees are easily configured and maintained via Excel template.

Time saving

Saving of effort and thus cost reduction, since no explicit article maintenance is necessary.



Configuration of various product trees, each tailored to your specific requirements and needs, such as different target groups, product types, etc.

Presentation of complex issues

Users are provided with a clear structure and navigation through the hierarchical display.

Export and access

At any time you have access to the Excel export or directly via web service of the product trees you have configured.

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