Deep Search

Deep Search is a search technology used in the XS Customer Portal that enables efficient access to the entire product data content. The search can be triggered both via the Customer Portal interface and via WebService from third-party systems. Both classic master data content and other content types, such as PDF documents, can be searched. In particular, the underlying classification of the data (especially ETIM) results in high hit accuracy coupled with very good performance.


How does the Deep Search work?

All product data information is included in a configurable index when the data is transferred to the Supplier Portal and can be accessed efficiently via this index. The display of the result spaces when the search is queried can also be configured, e.g. the order in which hits are displayed. By integrating classification systems such as ETIM, thousands of filters can be used. After entering one or more search terms, product information can thus be found quickly.


Search results

Effective and fast search results in very large data sets


Individual customizing according to your own requirements through a configurable index, rules and content.


Any content can be integrated in Deep Search. Examples are product master data, construction documents, marketing documents or BIM information.

Intuitive overview and integrated industry standards

Deep Search integrates all available industry standards such as ETIM, DQR or BMEcat.

Simple overview

Deep Search provides a simple overview of available and searchable content, such as articles or marketing-related documents in the library. All areas are searchable and ensure optimal search results.

Documents und Video overview

Not only product master data including classification content and multimedia data can be integrated in Deep Search, but also documents in PDF format or videos in MP4 format. This means that all marketing-relevant documents can be found in Deep Search across the board.

Advantages Deep Search


Fast retrieval of product information in milliseconds.

Industry standards

In the Deep Search, industry standards such as ETIM are technologically integrated.

Individual access

The Deep Search can be accessed seamlessly via a web service from an online store, for example.

Widget integrations

Integrate your own widgets with content from e.g. article search or library into your own systems.

Search in PDF documents

Browse PDF documents to get the right product information.


Extensive configuration options such as rule-based substitutes.

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