Customer portal

Perfect product data is the prerequisite for the distribution of your products in downstream distribution stages, especially in wholesale, retail and trade. Especially extensive assortments have to enter the systems of these customers automatically and on the basis of industry standards.



Optimal distribution processes

Distribute your product data via all relevant market channels, such as online shops, merchandise management systems or trade software.

Simple research

In the product database you can efficiently access millions of data records via a cross-manufacturer search.

All formats

Distribute your data in different formats such as Datanorm, Eldanorm, BMEcat, various XML formats, EDIFACT, Open Masterdata and many more.

Advantages of the customer portal

Optimal distribution

Distribution of product master data via all the for you relevant channels.

Various exports

Make your product data available to your customers in various formats.

Article search

You can search for articles directly in the customer portal via the article search.

Web service

Provide web services for the access of your product data.

Simple user interface

The simple user interface allows you to find your way around and use all functions easily.

Deep Integration | WebService Hub

Integrate your internal systems (ERP, shop, PIM, etc.) to optimize your customer relations.

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